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So….this happened. Shawn at Sailor’s Ink is kind of totally my favourite person right now. #tattoos (at Sailor’s Ink)


Emma Blackery and Cherry Wallis everyone..!
Basically my favourite set of best friends ever. Because…well, yeah the video is self explanitory.


Alcohol of ze #Deutschland variety. Because…you know. We won the #WorldCup… and I’m so happy I could cryyyyyyy.

Classic Moe move. Dean style.
So…the same but cute.

Someone get me a tub of icecream. Pronto.
This is an emergency!!!

Seth. You are sooo goddamn lucky that I love Dean more than you. 

Dean Ambrose, ladies and gentlemen…
Let’s give him some appreciation for his cuteness.

I guess that settles it, “The Big Bang Theory” sucks. 

"Former partners…"? Really Dean? Two days before Payback and you think it’s funny to fuck with people’s heads.  
You’re breaking my heart dude. 

Hey look! It’s me!! On imgur of all places…


Me: Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by The Shield.

The entire WWE roster:


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"I’m getting married next month"- CM Punk

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I ship this so hard. I am so happy.

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Put together half of the actors we have in Hollywood and none of them will even come close to besting Jon Moxley’s Keanu Reeves impersonation. He’s so next level that he even does impressions of other people impersonating Keanu Reeves.
Also, he raps. -ish